Late Night Mischief

It’s been a while since I gave in and consumed a late night supper. But this night, I just had to!

However, there was a problem. I didn’t want to go out.. call it laziness! Funny thing is… laziness really does drive creativity. I headed out to the garden to forage myself a meal. With a paper scissor in hand (…I was desperate and unprepared…), I prowled the garden and got myself some Leucaena leucocephala IMG_3577(krathin) leaves, Sauropus androgynus (mani cai) shoots and a twig of Rosemary. *By the way, wonder what’s so androgynous about mani cai?*

Anyway, surprisingly… they all turned out amazing with instant noodles! There was something interesting about Rosemary’s aroma coupled with the sweetness of the other two vegetables!

Random Thought: perhaps instead of heading out for late night prata and judging the food (touch your heart, we all did that at some point or another), I should just be lazy, but creative, and try my hand at making my own veggie maggie more often! Pretty cool late night stuff!

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Why this blog needed to begin

IMG_3464This blog owes its existence to an event that forced me to question why I do what I do. Today, I was invited to give a short sharing about “how I found my passion as an urban farmer” to an assembly of 800 students. I prepared for it and thought all would go well. However, in my opinion, it wasn’t all that good.

I presented on how I started, what I have achieved, and how difficult the journey was. All of it was true (don’t get me wrong)… but the question of “did they matter” lingered in my heart the entire day. Did they REALLY matter?

As I shared about how they should not let their salary define their self-worth, there I was trying to justify my own self-worth by the things I had achieved as an entrepreneur. I showed them pictures of my home and lifestyle – an extremely fortunate lifestyle that many of them could probably only envy. I distinguished myself from my audience by my actions while telling them ironically that they too can follow their dreams and be like me. Did they even need to be like me? On hind sight, I couldn’t help feeling like a little hypocrite.

This simple event will most likely fade away in the mind of those students. Hopefully! But it has made me stop to really think deep about why I am doing what I am doing. Am I becoming an urban farmer because I genuinely love farming? Or am I doing it simply because it is a unique challenge and a great conversational starter? Am I being fully authentic in my words and work? Or am I doing things that feed my personal ego and reputation. Why do I do what I do? This is the question I hope to reflect upon through this blog… and hopefully a little more.

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